Salvatore Tramontano of counsel di MM&Associati FinaRota

With this appointment, the firm strengthens its presence in the trust and family office market

MM&Associati FinaRota continues to grow and announces the entry of the chartered accountant Salvatore Tramontano with the role of counsel.

Already at the helm of Studio Tramontato, a historic professional firm in Naples founded by his father Giovanni in 1964, Dr. Tramontano specializes in trust law and family asset management.

Dr. Tramontano is the local representative for the province of Naples of the association Il trust in Italia. He is also Sole Director of Emy Trustee S.r.l. company that holds the office of trustee of numerous internal trusts.

Tramontano is Councilor of the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Naples with delegation to the Study Commission on Trust Law. Previously, he also led the Trust Commission of the National Council of Chartered Accountants.

Tramontano, while becoming a member of MM&Associati FinaRota to all intents and purposes, will continue to carry out his professional activity independently.

Partner Alessandro Madau in welcoming Dr. Tramontano added “Salvatore is one of the greatest national experts in the trust field. We had already been collaborating with him for about three years. Now, the many positive experiences have led to a greater formalization of our professional relationship. And we can only be happy about it.”

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