Hardly does the athletes and artists’ economic wellness last forever. Once they hang up their boots, it’s only a matter of time before they have to deal with financial distress caused by the bad management of their high income.

In order to overtake various financial risks, the athlete/artist can bind part of his asset to a Trust, following specific rules:

  • the Trust can provide the necessary funds to the athlete/artist whenever he needs them. As a matter of fact, the athlete/artist is the first Beneficiary of the Trust;
  • the protection and the growth of the Trust fund through a strategic investment plan, which aims at transforming those funds into a self-generating income by the end of his career.

By establishing the Trust, the athlete/artist:

  1. can focus on his activity, being aware of the fact that he will be able to rely on a robust financial position;
  2. chooses the Trustee to be the sole person he entrusts the assets to. By doing so, he can rely both on a careful management of the assets and on a higher level of privacy, which could ease the media pressure he undergoes;
  3. has the chance to exploit a dynamic tool that evolves as the Settlor’s demands evolve;
  4. can find the assets privatization useful, as they are not influenced by the Settlor’s personal, and private, events;
  5. is able to schedule, without any complications, the generational shift of his assets. Specifically, the Trust prevents legacy-related family disputes which are quite common in several relationships, such as blended families or cohabiting families, granting the economic satisfaction of those involved.

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